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August 2, 2018

Welcome to Photography Now! We couldn’t be more excited to be launching this channel and we really hope you like what you see. Our aim is simple – to inspire, educate and motivate, and help you realise your full photo potential. Whatever your level of ability and area of interest, we know you’ll find something here to get your teeth into.

Photography has often been overlooked by mainstream media. Gardeners have Gardeners’ World, petrolheads have Top Gear, foodies have Nigella, photographers have… nothing. Well, that changes here and now.

This is a channel that will live and breathe photography. We’re launching with 90 hours of exclusive videos, but we’ll be adding countless more as the channel grows and evolves.

Those of you familiar with Practical Photography’s monthly Learn Photography Now shows will know exactly what to expect; newcomers will find a unique mix of hands-on lessons, inspirational projects and pro interviews, all presented by Practical Photography magazine’s experts.

With so many amazing techniques and subjects to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start. To ease you in, however, we’ll be celebrating a different theme every month. This month’s theme is ‘Back to school’, and our key videos are all about learning new skills and using the right kit to help you achieve them.

Just starting out? Watch our guide to the most essential photographic accessories and find out why you should never be without a reflector and remote release. You might also enjoy our video on sensors, in which we take a closer look at how sensors work and how their size affects your images.

Want to get creative? Join acclaimed fashion photographer Jake Hicks for a studio lighting masterclass and learn how to use coloured gels to give your portraits the edge. Prefer landscapes? Join us in the Lake District for a scenic time-lapse tutorial and turn your still images into dynamic videos.

We’d love to hear from you so please send your feedback and video ideas to us at Enjoy!

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